The Story


My Story

My name is Mariló, I am a vegetarian, a mother, a nature lover and an HSP, or, Highly Sensitive Person.

I’ve always loved helping other people feel good.

My professional life has been focused on the sector of coordinating international events for many years, a profession where I have learned a lot and that has given me the opportunity to discover interesting people, places, and cultures

However, I always felt trapped in stress, everything was too fast-paced for me, so both my mind and body began to suffer: one day they made me stop.

I suffered the consequences of not listening to myself and that’s how I started my own inner journey.

I decided to train in Chiromassage in 2009, then in Shiatsu and started attending a Buddhist center, where I learned to meditate. I became a certified Integral Coach in 2017, I learned the EFT Tapping energy technique in 2018 and I started Reiki the same year.

I have also recently trained in Clinical Vegetarian Nutrition.

In my daily routine, I use the power of plants through essential oils, which contribute immensely to my own emotional balance.

Thanks to this change in habits and the use of Tapping to balance emotions, I began to find my own center, to  rediscover myself.

I lost weight, gained self- esteem, vital energy and motivation.

Today I want to share my experience with other people who perhaps feel or have felt like me.

Because if it has worked for me, why not for you?