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Mariló Parrilla
Equilibra tu Energía - Balance your Energy


As a therapist and EFT Tapping practitioner I will be delighted to lead you on your journey to….

• Strengthen your Self-Esteem & Personal Power

• Recover and Promote Self-Care for Internal & External Beauty

• Balancing Emotional Eating

• Release Blocked Physical Ailments & Emotions

• Transform Limiting Beliefs


Emotional Acupuncture without Needles

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a practice also known as Emotional Acupuncture without Needles. Its principles are based on traditional Chinese medicine, an ancient practice that tries to balance or regulate the flow of internal energies that flow through our body through energy channels, which we call meridians.

With the practice of tapping we can tackle all kinds of energy imbalances; from pains to moods, stress, anxiety, insomnia, activating our metabolism, quitting unhealthy habits and letting go of food anxiety

It is really effective in eliminating limiting beliefs, fears and blocked emotions that prevent us from feeling good.

Tapping is an energetic practice that you can use as a complement and can effectively accompany you on your way.

Basically, we are going to recognize our emotions in relation to the subject that we want to “heal” to bring them to the here and now. In other words, we make them present; in this way, we are able to observe them, release them and, finally, transform them.

In practice, it consists of stimulating certain points of our meridians through gentle “tapping” with our fingers, whilst simultaneously saying very specific phrases about the matter we want to work on.

In this way we balance our energy so that it flows correctly again and we can permanently eliminate any type of blockage that may exist.

The results are highly effective and it never ceases to amaze those who try it.


Balancing our emotions, discarding limiting beliefs and shaking off issues that we carry unnecessarily are for me basic points to find that balance in our well-being.

For this reason, I have created two exclusive and personal programs especially for you: Balance your Biological Clock & Unlock your Energy.

In them, I am going to put on the table all the tools that I have been learning throughout my life related to Coaching, Essential Oils, Emotional Nutrition, Chiromassage and Energy Techniques, so that you can have them too. Above all you will learn to practice EFT TAPPING

“Balance” Program

Balance your Biological Clock

There is a “clock” in our body that precisely regulates functions such as behavior, hormone levels, sleep, body temperature and metabolism. There are also indications that a chronic mismatch between our lifestyle and the rhythm dictated by this biological clock carries an increased risk of certain diseases.

In this program you will learn to practice Tapping to balance all the fundamental elements that regulate your Biological Clock.

It is a dynamic, active, fresh and energetic approach. Tools are focused on the balance and performance of the basic elements of  our biological clock.

In this program we are going to work with Tapping to:

Create your rest routine: release for rest.

Motivate ourselves for movement and meditation: activation of vital energy.

Emotional eating: how to detect if we eat emotionally, release anxiety about food, activation of metabolism.

Emotional release and limiting beliefs: power of self-affirmations, self-esteem and unlocking patterns.

This program consists of 4 Live Group Sessions + 1 Extra Personal Session with me.

“Unblock” Program

Unlock your Energy

Sometimes we feel exhausted, without energy, repeating the same situation over and over again, running based on old patterns. In most cases it is ourselves, our own thoughts, that prevent us from moving forward. We need more than just releasing emotions; we need to discard limiting beliefs and regain our personal power. You need to take it back, take care of yourself inside but also outside in a natural, ecological and respectful way.

In this program you will learn to practice tapping to regain your power  and take care of yourself inside but also outside in a natural, ecological and respectful way.

This approach is very personal as it works from the inside out. Suggestions and practices focused on a balance of inner and outer well-being are proposed, reinforcing our personal perception of ourselves. It is a powerful but naturally respectful work of self-esteem.

In this program we are going to work with Tapping for;

• Promote self-esteem: positive affirmations.

• Natural care self-care: internal beauty & external beauty.

Emotional eating: how to detect if we eat emotionally, release anxiety about food, activation of metabolism.

• Emotional release and limiting beliefs: find your inner therapist.

This program consists of 4 Live Group Sessions + 1 Extra Personal Session with me.


Did you know that the olfactory stimulus directly accesses the brain, specifically the primary cortex and the limbic system, and more particularly to the amygdala and hippocampus? This generates an immediate response on an emotional level, so its’ use is really effective on many levels.

As soon as I started using Essential Oils, I immediately fell in love with them and this fascinating world.

I began to use them as a complement in my emotional management sessions of Coaching & EFT Tapping, with maximum respect and always at the olfactory level, that is, diffused in the environment or by diluted topical application (remember, they are natural, but essential oils have a lot of power, so you have to know how to use them and do it with maximum safety).

To start using them, it is always good to acquire prior knowledge to get the most out of them and above all to use them safely.

The saying “less is more” really is true! 100% pure essential oil has incredible power. Using them in the Tapping sessions helps to enhance the effect of the session and without doubt they connect with your emotions immediately

If you want to know more about Essential Oils you can enter my page Los Esenciales de Mariló to see my favorites and open your account with me. I work exclusively with essential oils of the highest quality: Young Living Essential Oils.

Mariló Parrilla N Distribuidora 23581697


You should know that essential oils have great power over our body and that we must use them consistently and with maximum safety. Although there are different ways to use them, from here we will always recommend exclusively the following:

• Topical diluted

Aromatic baths

• Indirect inhalation

• Diffused through a good atomizer.

We love Essential Oils and we love to tell you about our experience but above all we like to be responsible.

And that is why we have to leave this disclaimer;

In “Release your Emotions”page we share personal and professional experiences about Essential Oils on an emotional level and as a natural resource to take care of our skin, hair and cleaning at home. We advise against any other way or form of use of the EAs other than those mentioned above.

Essential oils are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is essential to read the each label for safe application. Do not ingest. Special attention must be paid to its’ application to children. If you are pregnant, nursing, suffer from a medical condition or have doubts, always remember to consult your doctor first.

Here, I want to emphasise that we can use them very effectively and enjoy their wonderful results as long as we do so safely and responsibly.